For Makrouth Asmar and Nouga Hazelnut lovers, this variety set has it all in a top-notch quality display box combining the best taste healthy delicacies. Great for family gatherings and special holidays. This elegant gift set will include the following:

12 Makrouth Asmar

12 Nougat Hazelnut 

About Makrouth Asmar: Dough made of semolina filled with dates and almonds. All covered with sesame seeds.Ingredients: Semolina, Flour, Icing sugar, Vegetable oil, Dates, Almond, Sesame, Eggs, Pastry yeast, Baking soda, Orange peel, Sugar syrup, Geranium water.

About Nougat Hazelnut: Authentic cigar-shaped blend of Nougat rich in dry fruit, wrapped in a dough of hazelnut.


Makrouth & Nougat Hazelnut Set (24 pieces)



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