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Maintaining and observing some traditions for a long time is something not easy. Some traditional ways of living, cooking have been passing from generation to generation. The traditional way makes a community look unique and gives them some identity. In Tunisia, some traditions have been passed and maintained for a long time. The tradition includes some natural delicacies made of nuts, vegetables, and meat.

Phoenician Artisan is an agency connected with several small businesses in Tunisia, which produces delicious traditional delicacies. They are then distributed to customers in North America to consume. They aim to inspire different people who enjoy the delicacies to practice their traditional practices, extinguishing, and preserving them.

What are some of the undertakings and practices by Phoenician Artisan?

Phoenician Artisan spa deals

Phoenician Artisan offers some of the best spa deals where you get exclusive deals in a more relaxing manner. The deal includes fitness classes, shopping, sauna, steam room, rooftop pools, pricey massages, facials, and other spa treatments. These deals include the use of spa amenities to get some of the ancient treatments practiced in the desert.

Gift sets

Records of inscriptions from ancient times from ancient times were more famous when it comes to crafts and metalwork. They made items from ivory, glass, terra, cotta, wood, and even stones. They even made others by weaving. These Artisans were more concerned about the end product rather than how stylistic the process they undertook worked. This preservation can be used as gifts to your loved ones.

Mlabes almonds

This is a special delicacy from Phoenician Artisan that is made of almond, ice sugar, egg, some yeast, orange peelings, or some flavors of oranges and rose is then scented and wrapped in a thin layer of rose extract, which gives it a good elegance

Mlaba mocha

This is an almond paste flavored paste made of almond, icing sugar, some glucose, and white egg. It is then wrapped in a thin layer of mocha flavored meringue, which makes it more appealing with some elegance.

Twajen lemon

Twajen lemon is a Phoenician Artisan delicacy that is oval, made of some blended almonds and biscuits coated with the same base layer of lemon. This Phoenician Artisan delicacy can be best served with a cup of green tea.

Baklava noix

It is made from flour, starch sugar, salt, butter, olive oil, walnuts, and lemon juice. For this special Phoenician Artisan pastry, a lighter cover of light syrup is used to cover it after cooking.

Culture hybridization

The spread of hybrid style blended Egyptian, Levantine, and Aegean styles, to make items such as jewelry, glasswork, and metal bows. This led to dissemination across the Mediterranean of different cultures. The Phoenician Artisan preserves these pieces, which you can get for grains storage, and give your house beautification.

Suppose you want to experience something from the desert and love traditional delicacies. Phoenician Artisan agency is your partner for this experience. Visit their sites and make orders and reservations to promote this noble exercise of preserving some culture.

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