Countries With The Most Exotic Foods

According to the dictionary, the word "exotic" refers to everything that is strange, weird and alien, but at the same time with an extravagant, impressive and sometimes shocking touch. As a general rule, the farther away from home you are, the world becomes an increasingly exotic place, a statement that is completely debatable, since it is not necessary to go around the world to achieve that exoticism that many times we can get in our own backyards.

It Is All In The Tastebuds

Like everything subject to questions of taste, the food culture of a country will never be to everyone's liking and its charm will always be measured with respect to the adaptability of each person and their connection with that destination. There are special exotic foods in parts of the world whose mere description can generate a lot of exoticism, but also a high degree of repulsion so, knowing the subjective taste and the fine line that separates the appetizing from the unpleasant in gastronomic sense, below are a few countries with exotic foods (and some delicious) that you may want to try.


Mongolia is one of the largest and least populated countries in the world, where, to a large extent, the nomadic lifestyle still prevails for a large part of the population. This millennial lifestyle has marked the gastronomy of this nation, which has benefited from the millions of animals, such as horses, cows and camels that graze as they please and that constitute the backbone and main protein intake in a country with temperatures that in winter reach 40º below zero.

Faced with such inclement weather, it is natural that barbecues and pot dishes such as the ‘Mongolian pot’ abound, a preparation that carries all kinds of meats, noodles or rice and vegetables. You cannot miss the ‘buuk,’ the Mongolian version of dumplings or dumplings stuffed with meat, which is one of their exotic foods.

But beyond the typical, there are certain dishes that are not for all palates. The mare's milk, an abundant product in the Mongolian cities, is used to make the ‘airag,’ a fermented drink with an intense flavor you have to adapt to. The ;boortsog’, which is a butter cake stuffed meat, is also very popular, as well as cheeses, yogurts and salty curds, accompanied by ‘suutei Tsai,’ salty milk tea.

Guatemala and Mexico

Guatemala and Mexico are located in Central America and they both have similar zones of cultural influence, with gastronomic heritages of miscegenation between the Mayans and the Spanish conquerors. In many of the dishes cooked, there are specific ingredients used such as beans, banana, yucca, hot chili, corn, toasts and tacos.

In Guatemala, the residents love different variations of soup. And they love to use different kinds of meats, which could include turtle, chicken and turkey. However, nothing is as special as their exotic ‘zompopos de mayo.’ This is a giant ant that has wings and is considered to be an authentic delicacy to the culture. They are eaten between the months of May and June. This is the time that they leave out of the earth to their newly found colonies. They are seasonal and you can expect to be able to buy them in bulk during their season. However, the people who buy them in bulk will usually freeze them to use year round; preparing them with salt and lemon and putting them into tortillas to be eaten.

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