7 Times Fouta Towels Shine

There are some things in life that we don’t realize we need until we have them. Good towels are one of those things. Fouta towels provide several benefits that standard towels do not. Below are seven simple times when Fouta towels really show what they are made of.

1. Beachside

One benefit of Fouta towels is their absorbency, making them very useful for drying off at the beach. Another benefit, though, is that they are woven in such a way that small items like crumbs and sand do not get caught in them. This means that you can spread them out on the sand to play or tan and then quickly shake them off to use for drying after a swim.

2. In the Kitchen

A Fouta towel can be used for many things in the kitchen. You can:

  • Tie it around your waist like an apron

  • Dry your dishes or your fresh vegetables

  • Use it as a table cloth- they are effortless to clean

  • Clean up a mess the little ones made

If you have a Fouta towel, you will soon find many other ways they make kitchen time even more enjoyable.

3. With the Little Ones

Whether you need a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a travel blanket, or a blanket to cover a cold shopping cart, a Fouta towel is an excellent tool for baby uses.

4. A Day on the Lake

If you are planning a day on the lake, don’t forget your Fouta towel. You can use it as a picnic blanket, to dry off if you take a dip in the lake, and to cover up if it starts to get chilly.

5. During Travel

One of the conveniences of Fouta towels is that they pack a lot of benefits into a thin package. This thinness makes them a great travel companion. They are easy to pack in your carry on and just as easy to pull out and use while traveling.

6. A Night Out

A Fouta towel can be used as an accessory, as well. You can tie them up as a scarf to match your outfit on your night out. If you get a little cool, you can untie it and drape it around your shoulders.

7. Shower Time

Fouta towels’ super absorbency makes them great for use after a bath or shower. They are also great for drying hair.

At the Phoenician Artisan, we love Fouta towels. That’s why we carry a great line to share with you. Take a look at our collection and enjoy all the benefits listed above as well as many more.

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