Natural Tunisian Food

Snack Better with Natural Tunisian Food

Everyone loves to indulge in sweets and treats sometimes, but you have to carefully watch the amount of sugar you’re taking in. Often, candies and prepackaged cakes are also full of artificial ingredients. The natural Tunisian food offered her at Phoenician Artisan sidesteps both of these issues for a dessert you can feel better about incorporating into your diet.

All of our ingredients are listed on our website, and when you look at them, you will realize that they are all natural ingredients that have typically been used for thousands of years. All of our products are lovingly made with only the best ingredients, and are lightly sweetened for a refined taste. Delicacies from Phoenician Artisan won’t give you that full and bloated feeling, as they are light on the stomach but incredibly satisfying to eat.

Among our many favorite delicacies is kaak warka, a sort of cake made from hazelnut, almond, and rose water. This little delight has a delicate, soft taste, and offers many of the pleasures of a doughnut at a fraction of the sugar and calories. Natural Tunisian food such as this is a pleasure all its own, however, offering a totally unique experience worthy of sharing with friends and family.

Ordering our all-natural sweets online is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while cutting out junk food. Kaak warka, baklava, and much more is available now from the Phoenician Artisan online store. 


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