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Tasty Tunisian Mlabes and Other Artisan Sweets

If you’ve never had Tunisian Mlabes, you’re missing out. Mlabes are sweets incorporating a soft nut paste within a glazed coating of egg whites and sugar. At Phoenician Artisan, we take great pride in our mlabes, which are beautifully decorated and made by hand in small batches. They are available in a few varieties, including almond and hazelnut, but each version tastes absolutely scrumptious.

These mlabes are delicacies, elegant and worthy for both gift-giving and treating yourself. These can be healthy alternatives to typical US sweets, as they use less sugar. There are no artificial ingredients or flavorings, only natural ingredients such as rose water. They make a light but filling snack, to help prevent overeating.

For your convenience, you can order all our artisan sweets online. They are available in both gift sets and in individual orders, with each one carefully packaged for freshness and food safety.  These traditional, artisanal mlabes and sweets are lovingly created by Tunisian bakers to share their gifts with the world. Order through Phoenician Artisan to try some today.


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